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About Us

ART Cosmetics was created by Aly Rae Tanner and Callan Minster.

Aly Rae, whose US Marine husband is deployed, spent her time creating beautiful works of 'art' with minerals. Aside from being a licensed cosmetologist and part-time, professional model.

Callan added her touch, and together they were able to create a competitive product that outlasts the sun, the pool, and a long night out. Callan majored in Biological Science and has a history with homemade products.


"When we were formulating our highlighters and brainstorming to create other makeup products, we were so inspired to become one of the 'good guys' in the health & beauty industry. As a model and cosmetologist, I have learned so much about the different kinds of substances that populate certain industries. Chemistry taught me how they affect us and how for so long, we don't even notice what we are putting on and in our bodies. On the back of the bottle, you see a bunch of sulfides and oxides and all that, and I don't know how it isn't considered another language to some people! Chemistry inspired me to know what these substances are, so we could truly capture what benefits us and what does not. My knowledge of the science was so useful when trying to create a product that your skin doesn't absolutely hate you for putting on. We want to do more than use ingredients that have a neutral effect, but ingredients that will genuinely nourish your skin. We want makeup to be about love and beauty. And that is why we are warriors in the fight against animal cruelty. Our products are also vegan which adapt to more lifestyles of people who love makeup. If it can't be tested on a human, it shouldn't be tested at all. We want to be the change we want to see in the makeup world. We are so excited to share our artistry with the world."

-Aly Rae Tanner, Founder of ART Cosmetics

"I think it is so, so important for people like me, who love makeup, to really know what ingredients they put on their face. My whole life I have had sensitive skin. So I had no choice but to read labels and check ingredients to make sure I wouldn't break out or anything like that. I spend so much time doing this because we can't rely on these brands and companies to use ingredients that actually nourish and love our skin. They will do anything to get that product to look good... And trust me, I am guilty of it too, because we can't deny how awesome and beautiful so many makeup products are. The point of what we do is to show that we don't have to test on animals, we don't need any animal ingredients, we don't need to spend hundreds of dollars, and we don't need harsh chemicals to wear and create beautiful makeup. They just don't have to go together. It is so important for us to recognize all of the growing and incredible aspects of the industry. We are tired of seeing swatches on only one color of skin and want to embrace parts of the makeup industry that are so often overlooked. We love our makeup on EVERYONE. It's time for a little MakeuPolitics. That's why ART is so important to me! And that's why I want people to love ART. Because ART loves them, too!"

-Callan Minster, Co-founder of ART Cosmetics



Please perform a skin test prior to applying any of our products to make sure you’re not allergic. ART Cosmetics is not responsible for any allergic reactions. Use at your own risk. Ingredients are listed under each item.