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HydraGlow skin elixir

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HydraGlow is a special blend of oils creating the perfect ‘canvas’ for your makeup.
HydraGlow has built-in reflecks to add the perfect amount of healthy shine to your complexion. It consists of oils essential to healthy and balanced skin.
It has been developed to suit all skin types and can be completely customizable to what your skin needs.
It can be added to your foundation to create an incredible sheen, used before liquid lipstick or to make your products more maneuverable.
Our intention when formulating this product was to give artists the ability to take care of their skin while wearing their art.
This oil has been balanced for all skin types to help the natural oils balance themselves and possibly control an oily complexion.
There are ingredients to treat hyper-pigmentation, scars, the appearance of fine lines, and dark spots which create a beneficial makeup base or moisturizer.
HydraGlow has properties to retain natural moisture and fight free radicals.
HydraGlow is a staple in any Glow Queen’s makeup collection.
*This product contains nuts*
 Discontinue use if redness or irritation occurs. Keep out of eyes. For external use only.

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